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Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA)

The Health Care Reimbursement Account can be used for the following:

  • to pay for most health care expenses not covered by your health insurance plan
  • for regular, predictable health expenses, such as vision care, that are not covered by your medical or dental plan
  • to provide a significant tax advantage

Here's a list of relevant topics mentioned in the Handbook

  • HCRA Enrollment
  • HCRA Minimum/Maximum Deduction Amount
  • Claims Procedure
  • Eligible Expenses
  • Ineligible Expenses

See Handbook for more topics.

How does the HCRA account work?

During open enrollment (November 1 - November 30), you will decide how much to contribute to your Health Care Reimbursement Account via payroll deductions for the upcoming year. While enrolling online, you will elect the Per Pay Period Amount, which will be deducted from your paycheck monthly or twice a month (depending on your pay schedule) and the deduction is made before taxes are withheld. This amount will be deposited into your Health Care Reimbursement Account. There are no user fees associated with this account.

When you incur out-of-pocket eligible health care expenses, you will be reimbursed from your Health Care Reimbursement Account. When your claim is submitted to ConnectYourCare, while having HCRA, they will automatically reimburse you for your out-of-pocket expenses according to your HCRA plan.

How are you reimbursed under the HCRA?

There are 2 methods of reimbursement under the HCRA.
  • The Flexible Spending Card
    The Flexible Spending Card utilizes the Visa network. If your doctor, dentist or hospital accepts Visa as payment, then you can “swipe” your copays and deductibles. You must save all receipts and validate by submitting receipts for purchases such as glasses and contacts. The IRS requires that ConnectYourCare validate each Flexible Spending Card transaction. If ConnectYourCare cannot substantiate a charge by reviewing your health claims file then they will send you correspondence asking for the receipt. You are required to provide receipts when you are asked. Failure to provide a receipt or provide a receipt in a timely manner will result in the deactivation of your Flexible Spending Card and the funds in your HCRA will not be available to you until you reimburse the amount in question to your account. While this method is popular for reimbursement it is not for everybody.
  • The Manual method of reimbursement
    This method of reimbursement is mandatory if you are covered under a second insurance plan other than their State Employees’ Health Plan. You will attach your receipts for out-of-pocket expenses to a claim form that can be mailed or faxed to ConnectYourCare for reimbursement. This method allows the secondary insurance to pay and then you file any amount that is left over. This method is also used by employees who are saving their contribution amount for one particular procedure.

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