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Supplemental Coverage

Opt-Out Provision

State Employees who decline coverage may re-enroll during the regular Open Enrollment period each November. Special Enrollment is available for all employees who lose their other employer group health coverage, subject to the rules and procedures established by the SEIB. Note: A State employee may not be covered as a dependent under the SEHIP.

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SEIB Supplemental Policy

You can now opt out of the SEHIP as your primary coverage and elect supplemental coverage through the SEIB, at no charge. This could save you money. For instance, if you are eligible for coverage through another employer group plan, you can opt out of SEHIP and enroll in that plan. You can then obtain supplemental coverage through the SEIB that will cover virtually all of your out-of-pocket expenses.

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Southland Vision Supplemental Policy

The Southland Vision Supplemental provides routine vision benefits for $24 per month, regardless of number of dependents. These benefits will coordinate with the SEIB Discount Routine Vision Care Network. New employees may enroll within 60 days from date of employment while existing employees should enroll during Open Enrollment (November 1-30) with a January 1 effective date. For benefit and enrollment information, contact your SEIB advisor or click here for an enrollment form.

Southland Optional Policy

You can opt out of the SEHIP as your primary coverage and elect coverage for an optional policy that includes: dental, cancer, hospital indemnity and vision. This optional policy will be offered at no cost to you. Participants may elect individual or family coverage.

Visit Southlands website for State Employees: Southland National

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State Employees' Health Insurance


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