Cancer Policy (Southland)

The SEIB is proud to team up with Southland Benefit Solutions to provide you with a stand-alone cancer policy. This policy will help offset the out-of-pocket costs you may incur with a qualifying cancer diagnosis. The enrollment form is provided here.


  • $12/month (Single Coverage)
  • $24/month (Family Coverage)


  • Policy covers certain qualifying cancer diagnosis
  • Coverage provides $250 per day for the first 90 consecutive days of hospital confinement for inpatient charges; $500 per day thereafter
  • Actual surgical charges are paid up to the amounts listed in the plan book, subject to a maximum of $2,400
  • Actual charges subject to a lifetime maximum of $10,000 for radiation and chemotherapy
  • Benefits are provided regardless of other insurance

See SEIB Cancer Policy Plan Book for additional information. Policy is subject to all limitations and exclusions in the Plan Book.